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No software.
No IT.
No headaches.
Look like a hero with xTrak®, a trusted leader in calibration management and cloud computing.

Gain Efficiencies

Get in, get out, and get on with your busy work day with xTrak®’s easy to use interface, shortcuts, and automated processes.
Reduce Costs

Are you calibrating your equipment too often? With xTrak®’s reporting features, you can monitor and determine appropriate intervals using the reliability reports. xTrak® reduces costs through making processes more efficient.
Improve Remote Access

Utilize xTrak® to aid your relocation and expansion. Tie multiple facilities into one database and monitor through reporting features.

  • "xTrak® has helped our team access calibration information from anywhere in our plant. It will be an integral part of maintaining our calibration process as we open a new branch next year."
  • "The reporting features in xTrak® help me maintain control of any changes made in the system. The reliability metrics have helped me optimize my equipment intervals to minimize risk of out of tolerance conditions at the lowest cost possible."
  • "The system is so intuitive. I love how there are guides and FAQ’s that are a click away if I need them."

xTrak® was built to manage calibration processes and results through audit and oversight. Its highly automated functionality allows you to do more with less, and drill down with fine granularity when necessary. The data fields are customizable so each user need not be concerned with information that is not pertinent.

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